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From Wednesday 15th April Bikefit.com wedges and shims will be distributed in the UK by I-Ride

BikeFittingTools.com will no longer be selling product from this website.
Our sister Company Cyclefit UK will continue to run bike fitting classes in the UK and Europe and educating bike fitters in the correct way to use wedges for foot control and shims for leg length discrepancies.

Cyclefit Education

Dates Confirmed For 2014 Bike Fitting Classes

Cyclefit Foundation Courses 2014

Cyclefit’s experienced Technicians and instructors will be presenting a four day course in Milton Keynes; the course curriculum will include: physical assessment, bike adjustment, cleat position and cycling related injuries. On day three there is a TT and Triathlon module and information on how to set up your fit studio and tips on running your fitting business. Day four will cover in greater depth the correct support of a cyclist's feet and the shoe/pedal interface.